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Learning Battle Cards deck


LBC Canvas 20 sheets + LBC deck


LBC Tokens + LBC Deck


LBC Canvas - 40 sheets


LBC Workshop Map + LBC Deck


LBC E-Learning Map + LBC Deck


LBC 70:20:10 Map + LBC Deck


3 LBC Posters + 2 LBC Decks


LBC Development Kit


LBC Tokens


As an instructional designer I very much enjoyed using cards along with the LBC 7 Windows Canvas Model during design sessions for large training initiatives. The whole toolkit provides a strategic overview of a project and at the same time enhances creativity for finding the best learning methods. 

Jennifer Yaros – Vice President of Operations at Radcom

LBC Cards is one of our best resources to create and curate learning products. What is more, LBC team was wonderful and they gave me a great customer service. This kindly approach convinced me even more that I need to bring LBC to Mexico. Thanks guys!

Karina Rodriguez Sosa, HSBC, Head of Learning - Latin America Region

What is exceptional about the LBC tools and methods is the way in which it simplifies a complex set of parameters and provides a fun and engaging way to unleash creativity and produce a visual architecture. 

Bernadine Sprighton – CEO of Ceed Learning, South Africa

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