LBC Method

Learning Battle Cards Method creates the backbone for the whole family of LBC tools. It constitutes a structure called "7 Windows of Instructional Design" - a framework of working out the learning challenges.

The framework consists of 7 spaces ("windows") which should be taken into consideration while working on instruction:



1. ANALYSIS [of Needs]

    Taking actions to identify and understand development needs; also to analyze the gap between the current state and the desired state – mainly in the domain of people’s competencies.

    2. AWARENESS [Building]

      Building the engagement of trainees, so that they can understand their skill gaps (move from the state of unconscious incompetence to the state of unconscious competence).

      3. KNOWLEDGE [Transfer]

        Taking communicative actions with the goal to make trainees effectively acquire information that is important to them.

        4. SKILLS [Building]

          Taking actions that allow trainees to gradually move up on the ladder from the novice to expert in the domain of carrying out specific tasks.

          5. ATTITUDES [Shaping]

            Taking actions that aim to shape trainees’ assessment of the surrounding world and create desirable reactions to specific situations and events.

            6. IMPLEMENTATION [of new behaviors]

              Making trainees adopt specific routines by transferring a declarative competence into every day (school, personal, professional, etc.) practice.

              7. MEASUREMENT [of results]

                Verifying the effectiveness of the development process and the individual achievements of the participants.

                “7 Windows of Instructional Design” is a perfect canvas for leveraging on the design thinking approach during the instructional design process. In this so-called “Instructional Design Thinking” process all LBC solutions play an important role to:

                1. Build on the end-to-end framework of thinking (LBC Canvas, LBC Maps, LBC Development Kit),
                2. Open eyes for available learning approaches (LBC Cards, LBC Tokens),
                3. Flex minds and brainstorm on winning solutions (LBC Cards).

                As a result, the method helps to co-create efficient learning solutions of various scales in an engaging and participatory way allowing for easy understanding of all details and effortless buy-in.

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