3 LBC Posters + 2 LBC Decks

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Learning Battle Cards support the discovery and exploration of learning methods and approaches by providing new ways for you to think about designing learning solutions. It includes various parameters providing excessive insight about a particular method. LBC Posters present a variety of learning tools and approaches which should be taken into consideration while designing the E-Learning course and Workshop. 70:20:10 LBC Poster provides an insight into the approaches and contexts to be discovered while discussing 70:20:10 rule.

Used for:

  1. Designing learning projects
  2. Broadening of learning portfolio methods
  3. Supporting the brainstorming process
  4. Train the trainers programs
  5. Designing E-Learning course and Workshop
  6. Discovering and understanding 70:20:10 rule


1. LBC Deck a set of 108 poker-size cards, each one representing one learning method. There are 2 LBC Decks in this bundle.

2. LBC Poster is a poster in B1 format (707 mm x 1000 mm or 27.8 inches x 39.4 inches). There are 3 different LBC Posters in this bundle.

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