Privacy and cookies policy

Privacy and cookies policy

§ 1

  1. LBC uses cookies files – small text information, stored on the terminal of the Customer (computer, smartphone, tablet). Cookies may be read by the tele informatic system of LBC.
  2. LBC stores cookies on the terminal of the Customer, and obtains access to information stored in the cookies, for the purpose of: statistics, marketing and appropriate functioning of the site, mainly keeping the session after login. 

§ 2

  1. LBC informs the Customers that it is possible to configure the web browser in such a way, that blocks the possibility of storing cookies on the terminal of the Customers.
  2. LBC points out that cookies may be deleted by the Customer after recording: via functions of the web browser, programs used for such purpose or tools available in the operating system of the computer
  3. Below are links to information about deleting the cookies in the most popular web browsers: 

§ 3

LBC informs Customers that a change in configuration of the web browser, which disables or limits the storage of cookies on the Customer’s terminal may trigger limitations in the functionalities of the services rendered. Similar effect may be a result of deleting the cookies during rendering of the services. This may result in the lack of possibility of login to the Shop or stopping of the session after login. 

§ 4

In case of questions or opinions about the cookies policy used by LBC please write via the following e-mail:


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