Learning Battle Cards deck


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Learning Battle Cards support the discovery and exploration of learning methods and approaches by providing new ways for you to think about designing learning solutions. It includes various parameters providing excessive insight about a particular method.

Used for:

  1. Designing learning projects
  2. Broadening of learning portfolio methods
  3. Supporting the brainstorming process 
  4. Train the trainers programs

Form: a set of 108 poker-size cards, each one representing one learning method.

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    3 LBC Posters + 2 LBC Decks


    LBC 70:20:10 Map + LBC Deck


    LBC Canvas - 40 sheets


    LBC Canvas 20 sheets + LBC deck


    LBC Development Kit


    LBC E-Learning Map + LBC Deck


    LBC Tokens


    LBC Tokens + LBC Deck


    LBC Workshop Map + LBC Deck


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